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Dr. Roeder and staff,
Just wanted to thank you for a job very well done!  My wife and I went in for the reversal in Oct. 2009, with little hope and expectations...You see, I have four kids from a previous marriage, and my youngest was 19 years old, so it's been 18 years since I've had a vasectomy. Needless to say the odds were not great.

But after meeting with Dr. Roeder, he gave us so much hope that this could actually work.  I was a bit nervous since it was going to be me under the knife, but his assistant made me feel calm and relaxed.  I can't remember his name, but I do remember talking football with him and he being a big Steelers fan such as I am!!!   Thanks again...

Sofia Amelia was born Oct. 22, 2012, a healthy #8 and 2 oz. baby girl!!! Now she has three big sisters and older brother.

We are all so blessed to have her in our lives!!!  I am the most grateful, thankful, humble father in the whole world...  Words don't justify what Dr. Roeder and his staff did for us...

Thank you again, and may God Bless you and your families!
Victor and Zinah

Dear Dr. Roeder and staff,
Ok, are you sitting down?  When god has his perfect timing, things work fast!  As you know, Aaron had his procedure on Dec.14, 2012.  Well, we found out yesterday that I am pregnant!!!  I am shocked and amazed!  I have to ask how often do you get this quick of a response?  Wow!!! Thank you all!!!!
Aaron and Allison

Hello Rae Ann,
I haven't emailed in quite awhile.  In fact, the twins that Dr. Roeder helped my wife Kelly and I to realize, turned 1 on Jan.17, 2013.  They are both an incredible blessing and joy.  We are now expecting another little boy in early July.  While quite unexpected, we are both extremely excited and can't wait to welcome another angel into this world.  I am attaching a couple of pictures of the twins.  Tell Dr. Roeder and Dean thank you again for everything they did for us, and the incredible way we were treated while there for the reversal procedure.

God Bless,
Jason and Kelly

Hello.  I wanted to update y'all and let you know the amazing news.  I, Shanna and Sheree' are cousins.  Jerry had his reversal Jan. 26, 2012, Brent's was about 2 weeks later.  Jerry and I had our first baby boy 10/26/12.  Brent and Sheree' had their baby girl 1/25/13, after 3 boys!!  I have included a pic of both babies and one of them together.  We want to thank y'all for our healthy beautiful miracles that has made our family whole!!  God Bless y'all and many thanks!!


Dr. Roeder and staff,
Praise God!  The day before Thanksgiving I received our positive pregnancy test.  It was our 7th month of trying after my husband's reversal on May 7, 2012.  We will be 20 wks in 2 days and are expecting a girl.  I am thankful we didn't get pregnant before this time as it was a busy, stressful time preparing for our daughter's wedding.  She was married in Oct. and I was pregnant the next month.  It has been a challenging pregnancy with bed rest, bleeding, cramping, infections, etc. I would have missed out on a lot of the wonderful memories with my daughter and preparing for her wedding.  God's timing is perfect.
Thank you again for everything.  We have been very happy from the beginning with your help and care.

Jeremy and Lori

Our children:  daughter 22, daughter 19 1/2, son 16, son 15, son 11...we are thrilled to be having a girl again!  Our 11 yr old was hoping for one of each as we told him what you said to us about twins after a reversal.  It had been 10 years since Jeremy's vasectomy.

Dr. Roeder,
First and foremost, Natalie and I want to thank you and your staff for the loving kindness that was shown to us.  It's no doubt that God's grace is at work through your ministry.  Through prayer, we were led by the Almighty to your website and after reading your biography and the many testimonies, we knew that you were the answer to our prayers.  Over nine years ago while married to my first wife and fathering two boys with her, I made a grave mistake and had a vasectomy.  I had no idea of the internal turmoil that it would cause me by the sin that I had made.  My first wife and I divorced and I got remarried in November of 2011, and my life has never been better.  But one thing missing from our marriage was the ability to have kids of our own.  My relationship with God grew and I realized that I needed to reverse my vasectomy to feel complete again.  When God is placed first in life and in work, it is very apparent and after meeting you and your staff, we felt His presence.

My surgery was on January 18, 2013, my wife's 28th birthday.  What would be a better gift to her than the ability to provide her children?  I never felt anxiousness and your tenderness prior to and during surgery is greatly appreciated.  I felt an overwhelming sense of peace during surgery, as if Jesus Christ was present.  I cried a tear or two of happiness as I laid on the operating table, knowing that my future was changing.  After surgery, I took every precaution to protect your God-given work!

I'm happy to announce that after only seven weeks and Natalie's first ovulation cycle in which we could try, Natalie and I tested positive on a home pregnancy test on March 9th!  We cried like babies, holding each other in shock knowing that our dreams are coming true.  We had our first OB/GYN appointment on March 15th and the blood test and ultrasound confirmed our home pregnancy test as we listened to our baby's heartbeat for the very first time. She should be just over 6 weeks pregnant at this point and we are eager to continue this journey together!
Thank you and your staff so much for what you do!  God has blessed you and us tremendously.

With love,
Damon and Natalie

I have waited 6 months to write you guys!!!  Thank you so much for everything you have done for my husband and I!  Such kind hospitality and with such humble hearts.  My husband's VASECTOMY was performed in December, 2010, and in October, 2012...less than two years later we had a change of heart and wanted to expand our family...that's where you awesome guys came in!!!  So, October, 2012, my husband's VASECTOMY REVERSAL was performed and six months later in the beginning of April, 2013, we tested POSITIVE!!!  YES YES YES, it was a success!  Only because of your TEAM, WHOM I WILL NEVER FORGET AND CHERISH FOREVER!  At such a reasonable price and your incredible ministry, my husband and I are expecting our 3rd blessing and we never thought it was possible for us again!!!  Thanks again!!

Larry and Heavenli

It worked!  Thank you so much for helping us bring this amazing little boy into the world.  We began our journey with you all in July of 2010.  The first procedure did not work and we were heart broken.  The Lord handed us the exact amount needed for a 2nd surgery in March of 2012.  

In June of 2012, Derek was diagnosed with colon cancer and would need chemo.  The second surgery was successful but we found that at just 2 weeks before he would begin chemo.  We had a 2 week window! Amazingly God's timing is perfect.  We were in disbelief with a positive pregnancy test.  We took 7!  On my birthday, we had David.  God is good, All the time.

Thank you,
Derek and Rebecca

Good evening Dr. Roeder and staff,

We just wanted to give you an update.  Robb had his procedure July 9, 2012.  After several IUIs, we decided to stop "trying" per say and leave it all in God's hands.  Well, it worked!  God answered our prayers and we're excited to tell you that we're expecting our little one 12/31/13. Thank you so much for all of the kindness and support.  Everyone in your office is wonderful and we couldn't be happier with the results.  We'll keep you posted and send a picture when we can.

Robb and Rachel

Hello, I had my reversal done in your office back in August I believe.  I thought you would like to know that we are expecting a baby boy.  Wyatt is due in October of this year.  My wife and I are very happy with the outcome of the reversal.  I remembered that when I asked what % of the reversals were successful, I was told that you didn't know because not everyone gave you feedback.  Anyway, we are expecting thanks to the skill of the Doctor and his team.  Thank you!


I had surgery with you in early July 2012 -- our son Ryan was born on May 29, 2013.  He was a big boy (9lbs, 5oz) but mom and baby are healthy and doing fine.  Thank you all so much!  Here's a picture of him with our daughters.


Dear Dr. Roeder:
It was just last November that my wife Bambi and I came to see you with hope of restoring our chances to have a child.  We came away having been touched by your kindness and professionalism knowing we had made the right decision to come from Arizona to see you.  We are both happy to report that Bambi is now PREGNANT!  We are expecting our child around January, 2014.  We both don't know how to even start to thank you but want you to know that we will forever be grateful that you were able to help us.  We will send you pictures upon arrival!

Thank you Dr. Roeder!  God Bless.

Rob and Bambi

This is Jennifer.  My husband Terry and I came in on December 14, 2012, to have our vasectomy reversal done by you.  We know while we were choosing a place and a doctor, that we wanted someone who was a Christian.  After reading your bio and having the surgery done, we had no doubt that we were where we needed to be.  We were so excited as we left for our long drive home for what the future would hold.  Well, we didn't know that while on vacation to Houston in March, we would be hit with bad news.  To make a long story short, we ended up in an ER in Houston where we found out that I had a large mass on an ovary.  Well, we returned home and went to my OB/GYN doctor where he informed us that I had a tumor on the right ovary about the size of a grapefruit and it had to be removed.  So, 1 week later, I was in surgery.  During the surgery, he had to remove the right ovary.  While he was inside, he put dye through my good side and found my fallopian tube to be completely blocked and even tried several attempts.  Needless to say, we were heartbroken but never lost our faith that the Lord would provide us with our hearts' desire.  After talking to the Dr and him saying to give it 6 months and then we will talk about fertility options (which we didn't really want to do), we were disheartened.  But, as your website says WE ARE NOT IN CONTROL!!   The good Lord decided to give us our desires and we found out that we were pregnant on May 22, 2013.  I am so thankful for your ministry.  Without you, we never would have had our dream come true.  Thank you so much.  You and your team are truly blessings!!!!

Jennifer and Terry

Dr. Roeder,
On April 28, 2011, you performed a vas-reversal on me.  On September 2, 2013, at 6:50pm, my wife gave birth to Arabel Grace.  God has been so gracious to us and we are rejoicing in His loving kindness towards us. We wanted to thank you again and let you know how much of a blessing your practice has been to our family.  God used you to right a wrong.
We look forward to what the Lord has in store for us.  We pray for many more children.

Definition:  Arabel-answer to a prayer.  Grace-God's grace

Jerrod and Sarah

Dr. Roeder and staff,
I am pleased to announce that our family will be growing by two little feet!!!  My reversal was performed on July 12, 2013, and we found out we are pregnant on Sept 6, 2013!!  I want to thank y'all so much for making this dream of ours come true!!!

Thank you,
Bobby and Jennifer

Our experience was one in a million with the great people at the office.  I was very nervous when I walked in and the whole staff helped me relax and feel like everything was going to be ok.  I can't say enough on how great they are from start to finish!!!!  My work schedule is hit and miss and they 100% worked with me to ensure everthing got taken care of. They are top notch and so great!!  I couldn't have picked a better group of people to get the procedure done!!!!  Thank you all very much!!!!!

Thank you for your  time,

Dr. Roeder,
I have been waiting to write you this email and here it is.  We're pregnant! As of today, Charity is 7 weeks pregnant with a due date of May 19th, which would make it almost one year from my reversal.  Charity and I cannot express enough how grateful we are to you and your staff.  God has truly been working through this whole procedure leading us right to your office.  Thank you for "restoring" me!  We pray that God continues to bless you and your ministry.


Dr. Roeder and Team,
Back in February, 2012, you performed a reversal on my husband after a vasectomy that he had 12 yrs prior.  We were definitely aware that the statistics were not in our favor but we put our faith in God and our trust in your team to perform this procedure.  9 months later, we found out we were pregnant!!!  Our little Miracle was delivered August 5, 2013, via c-section.  She weighed 8lbs, 12ozs and measured 20.25", a healthy and beautiful baby girl!  Since we live in Cibolo, TX, we definitely want to take Kaylee down to the office so you all can meet her.  However, right now she hates car seats!  As soon as we get past this phase, I hope we can introduce her to the team that made it all possible!  For now, here is a picture of our beautiful angel!  Once again, thank you for a successful surgery!