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Dr. Roeder and Staff, 

My husband Daniel flew to Texas from California last Sunday. He had his reversal performed on Monday. I had to stay behind to care for our 5 year old son. I was so nervous, more so than him I am certain. When I finally spoke to him after the surgery he was in tears, I was scared to ask what had happened. He said he was doing wonderful, and was just overwhelmed with the compassion of the team and how he could feel Gods presence in the room.

My husband decided to have the vasectomy originally because we lost a child during pregnancy, the thought of enduring that again was something we could not even imagine. What Dr. Roeder has taught us is that we are not in control .. God most certainly is.

We are not sure what the Lord will bring us in our future, but just having the chance and hope of creating another life brings us so much Joy ! This would not have been financially or emotionally possible without Dr. Roeder and his entire team. There are no words to describe how grateful we are. Thank you so very much for giving us hope again. We will keep everyone posted on our "progress"..

With Much Love and appreciation, 
Daniel and Michele


Dear Dr. Roeder-

In February 2010 Steve and I traveled from Albuquerque, NM to have his reversal done. We were overwhelmed by the professionalism, kindness, skill and empathy of all the people in your office. We felt welcomed and cared for.

Steve was obviously nervous before the procedure, but recovered well with no complications. We are ecstatic to report that on Christmas Day, 2010, we found out that we were 6 weeks pregnant!! We can't thank you enough, and we will be sending a picture of our new little one soon!!

 In Him, Terisa and Steve

Dr Roeder and staff,

We met you in July 2009 for our vasectomy reversal. We would like to thank you for making it such a positive experience. The first few months after the reversal we were very hopeful that we would conceive right away. It was after our first s/a that that hope began to be challenged as the numbers, specifically motility, were quite low. However, we continued to pursue our desire to add to our family, with much prayer. God spoke to our hearts on many occasions, once telling us to "let go of the time constraints" since that was such a major concern for us.
Some time passed, and we consulted with an RE. With each appointment we found ourselves needing to back away to regroup and get our mind around what we were facing. Again, God continued to be the "lamp unto our feet and light unto our path" and we pressed on. After 11 months since our initial meeting with the RE we were finally ready to take the next step: IUI.
The day of the IUI was a difficult one. We were told that our post-wash number was a mere 1.8mil. Thankfully of those, 94% had forward progression. We wept, but God spoke to our hearts once again and told us to "keep praise on our lips". I cannot lie when I say that the following days were definately short on hope, but were surprisingly low-stress and full of awe and praise towards the goodness of God. We truly felt at peace with whatever the outcome. To be completely honest, we were setting our eyes on our January cycle to move on to IVF. 
We had an appointment on Monday, November 29 for our first beta. We were absolutely overjoyed when the nurse called with the results. Her exact words to my wife were, "You are SO pregnant!"
It gets better though. Throughout the whole process we had been praying for twins - never really expecting. But on December 17 we were told we have IDENTICAL TWINS!! (identical twins are not hereditary, and they are not influenced by fertility treatments! Another total act of GOD!!) They each have their own placenta and amniotic sac too, which only happens in about 30% of identical twins!!  
Thank you for being a part of our journey      
Eric & Leigh Ann

Dr. Roeder, Dean and Tammy, 

I wanted to let you all know you were right! My husband did have "great tubes." Three months after his VR I am happy to say I am 9 weeks pregnant expecting our little miracle on Sept 2nd. We cannot thank you enough for restoring fertility back to our family, but more importantly allowing us to restore a matter we took into our own hands instead of relying on the Lord.

May God Bless you all and again thank you for your work and Christian Ministry. We will be forever grateful and love you all very much.

Will and Brooksie  

I wanted to write a quick message about my reversal experience.

I was never really nervous about having the procedure, but I was anxious about the wait. I just wanted to get it done! Having said that, Dr. Roeder and his staff made me and my wife feel comfortable and welcome. Like family. My wife wasn't even going to stay for the procedure, but Dr. Roeder and Dean worked some sort of magic on her and she stayed the entire time and even wanted to take pictures!

I never experienced any pain during the procedure (except some minor discomfort when he numbed it up). I did feel a tugging sensation, but no pain. In fact, I never had anything beyond a minor discomfort throughout the healing process. It's been 5 months (rev done in Sept 09) and I still have a very dull sensation from time to time, but nothing that affects my day in any way at all.

Unfortunately, we have experienced some major life changes recently that have made it impossible to get a semen analysis done, but hopefully things will turn back around soon.

I would highly recommend Dr Roeder and would like to add that the procedure and recovery went much better than I ever could have expected. I want to extend another heartfelt thank you to him and his staff.

God bless.

Dr, Roeder,

I recently had my reversal in early December 2009. My wife, Jamie, was so excited once the procedure was complete. I took the doctor's advise and took it easy after the surgery. I took the first week off from work and saved the world several times on my PS3. I returned to work after that. As a police officer, my job requires me to deal with situations we would rather avoid. About three weeks after the procedure, I had to chase after a man armed with a gun. The brief foot pursuit ended quickly without further incident however, it did raise concern about my reversal. Jamie was quite upset. 

I am pleased to say that in late January Jamie took a home pregnancy test (or rather took several) with mixed results. A pregnancy test was done at our doctor's office and Jamie passed with flying colors. Jamie is pregnant! We are at about three weeks.

Please extend our thanks to the good doctor and staff.


Dear Dr. Roeder and staff, 

My husband, Travis, had his VR on March 9 of this year after a vasectomy 7 years prior.  We decided not to have a semen analysis done after 4 months, even though we hadn't conceived yet.  We were scoping at home and thought we were seeing an incrase in swimmers, so we decided to wait a little while longer.  

On Sept 9th, exactly 6 months after the VR, we found out I was pregnant.  We were thrilled, but unfortunately, I had a miscarriage 3 days later.  We got pregnant again 3 weeks later and found out on October 11th.  I am now 12 weeks along and we are so excited.       

We wanted to let you know our great news and say thank you for your part in this new blessing.  God is great and we feel so blessed!  May you continue to be a blessing to families everywhere.


Dear All,  

I just wanted to send a note to tell you that we are very grateful for the wonderful work you do.  We were incredibly impressed with the ministry you are carrying on.  We truly hope that many more blessings come down on you for the wonderful gift you have given us - the ability now to bring children into our world. 

Richard and I made it home safely and he is recovering great.  His bruising is already starting to go away.  He has been a little bit uncomfortaable and the stitches make him feel like he needs to itch, but "REDO" seems to make all that go away quickly.  Again I just want to say THANK YOU though I don't know if we can thank you enough. 

Many Blessings,
Richard and Rebekah

Dr. Roeder, 

We are so thrilled about the recent semen analysis report.  Thanks be to God!!  In His time we will conceive another child.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your wife for your service.  We couldn't have afforded the reversal any other way.  I truly believe God led me to your website about a year ago.  You both were so kind to my husband while he was there and went above and beyond your duty as a doctor!!  We appreciate your kindness so much.  

Thank you for being patient with us and helping us through the last 7 months as we prayed that our counts would increase.  I pray that I will get to share some great news with you all very soon.  

Thanks again,  

We are Pregnant!!!!!  9 weeks ago we came to see you and bang!  Thank you so much!  The best possible complication of a surgery, Pregnancy!!!! 

Thank God for Dr. Roeder and your ministry
Chad and Nicole
VR August 2009

Dr. Roeder,

I had my vasectomy four months following the birth of our second child.  Almost four years later, my wife and I felt God laying it on our hearts to have a third child, so we began looking into reversals.  We are so grateful we came across your office, as you far exceeded our greatest expectations.  Your office represents the highest level of professionalism and we were moved by your warm kindness, humor, encouragement and reassurance.  As for the procedure itself, I was pleasantly surprised at how pain-free it was.  In fact, I experienced significantly less discomfort than with my vasectomy.

For a few hours afterward, I took Tylenol as you advised, but quickly realized I didn't even need it.  Thank you also for making the procedure so affordable.  No doubt you could charge much more, but the truth of your words was abundantly apparent; this really is your ministry.  We pray God blesses you as richly as He has blessed us through you.

Doug and Anglea

To tell the truth, I was nervous.  I was nervous because my vasectomy was painful, during and after.  But I went into the procedure with an open-mind and with great love for my wife.  We want more children and this was the only way that was acceptable for the two of us.

So after a few months of waiting and our excitable conversations about having another baby to hold and help enter this world, it was time.

After lying on the table my anxiety built-up, yet I was experiencing something that I never had before my wife was kissing my forehead asking me if I needed anything.  Dr. Roeder almost immediately peeked over to ask if everything was all right.  This set my mind and body at ease.  He began by telling me how the procedure was going to happen and an almost play-by-play account of what was going on.  

For me, this was perfect.  I needed to know what was going on, to be in control.  And since I clearly wasn't at this very fragile stage, his words were a comfort.  This experience was calm in comparison to my vasectomy.  This was everything to me, I trust Dr. Roeder.  If I were uncomfortable for any reason, he would make sure to take care of me before proceeding with the next step.  I as made to feel at such ease that I even felt my self dose-off but my wife quickly and gently woke me.

I write this not for the adoration or praise of Dr. Roeder, (although he is awesome!), but to give you an account of how wonderful he and his staff treated me through this time.  I wasn't their 1:30 p.m. appointment; I was a person, a friend.  I thank Dr. Roeder for taking care of me, and taking his God-given talents and using them to help my wife and I bring more children into our lives.  Thank you Dr. Roeder
Name Withheld

Dear Dr. Roeder & Team,

It has been 3 days since my trip to Texas and my Vasectomy Reversal.  I would like to offer a testimonial that I hope will serve as a reference for others considering your services.

My original vasectomy was performed about 13 years ago - while my 3rd child was mid-term.  I am now 43 years old.  I researched practitioners online, and was primarily attracted by your price point, but a significant factor was also your obvious personal commitment to the mission of helping to restore fertility to men like me.

My Fiancee and I traveled from New York, and I must say I was experiencing great anxiety about the procedure.  I wasn't sure whether the anxiety was related to my low pain threshold or about the potential outcome of the reversal, but in retrospect, I was more anxious about the discomfort I feared the procedure would bring. 

When we arrived at the office, I stated my concerns, and the team mentioned that the local anesthesia should provide enough comfort, and that it was similar to a visit to the dentist in terms of discomfort.  I asked if there were any "extras," and was informed the some anxiety medication could be administered, but that it wasn't the preferred method, because it could produce some drowsiness that may result in twitching ... detrimental to the stillness required for the microsurgery.

Once the operation was underway, I did experience quite a bit of discomfort (much of which was likely related to my anxiety).  After about 15 minutes, the team decided that we would all benefit if I were more relaxed, so Dr. Roeder administered a sedative.

I'm sure I was a bit chatty, and hopefully not too twitchy from that point onward, but the rest of my experience was painless and memorable.  My Fiancee took some photos, and I was walking out the door about 2 hours after I arrived.  I am so glad that I decided on a practitioner that didn't use general anesthesia.  I'm sure it would have been nice to sleep through the whole thing, but not to the tune of thousands of dollars!  I whole-heartily recommend that general anesthesia is not required - and I am not a "tough guy."

Dr. Roeder called me first thing the next morning to check up on me.  I was well, and am very impressed and pleased that my recovery is much faster than I expected and have read about with others.

I am extremely grateful to your practice for the experience you provided to me - from the initial appointment booking to the after care - top notch all the way.

I would be happy to chat with any future patients of your regarding my experience.  As I mentioned, I am a very satisfied patient, and I truly appreciate your professionalism and personal touch. 

Daniel C.

Hi Dr and Mrs Roeder and staff,

I wrote a few months ago about our positive pregnancy test and how excited we are.  I just wanted to let you know I am now almost 5 months along and everything is going very well.  At 43 years old we have been very fortunate that I am tolerating the pregnancy very well with only the usual discomforts.  We had our level 2 ultrasound last week and were told that our baby looks great and is just the right size for dates.  We got the wonderful news that we are having a boy!

Feel free to post my note as I would like to continue to encourage others.  Rich did very well during and after the surgery.  He even fell asleep half way during the surgery partly due to the expertise of the surgeon and partly due to my expert head massage.  Immediately after surgery he felt good enough to go out to eat.  I had the difficult job after surgery keeping him quiet and from lifting heavy objects.  It's hare to keep a good man down!

We will be in touch again after the big day in March.  Thanks again for everything!
Jennifer and Rich

I just wanted to email you to let you know we found out this morning we are pregnant!  We are due roughly 4th of July, 2009.  We can't thank you enough!  There aren't enough words to say how grateful we are.  Keep up the good work!

Mark and Rebecca
VR June 08